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Site Last Updated Today: July 21, 2019
Updated October 8, 2007 Roma is the best in her class and last time she got to act as the teacher. She really enjoyed instructing, but she missed being poked and prodded with her dildo a lot more. She found that she got a lot more "pleasure" out of learning than she did out of instructing. So today, she let her fellow hot classmate, Nadia, do just that. Nadia lubed up Roma's ass and dildo with her tongue and continued to fuck Roma in her sweet tight ass!


Updated October 1, 2007 Aline and Jaclyn were excited to get into class today and show off to their teacher Ms. T. These two hot babes spent the day before practicing fucking each other in the ass with their dildos and fingers. When class began, Aline shot to the front of the class and stripped without any instruction. Jaclyn bent her over the desk and demonstrated such great anal penetrating technique that impressed even the seasoned teacher!


Updated September 24, 2007 After a short recess, Eve couldn't wait to get back into the classroom. She just got to watch Ms. T anally pleasure Rachel Roxx and she couldn't wait to get on that table to get fucked in the ass with the big pink dildo. So when it came time, she jumped right to the front of the classroom so that Rachel could do just that as Ms. T instructed her on the process!


Updated September 17, 2007 Roma is the best in her class. As a reward, the professor gave her the opportunity to play teacher to her hot fellow student, Nadia. So as the teacher supervised, Roma educated Nadia on the proper techniques of anal insertion, at the same time plunging her fingers and a dildo deep into Nadia's fine asshole!


Updated September 10, 2007 Eve and Rachel Roxx where super excited to being taking a class with Professor Quinn, who is the most popular teacher at Tushy School Academy! They came in with the tight tanks and mini skirts, which is the perfect attire for easy access to the fine tight asses. Unfortunately for Eve, only one person can have there ass penetrated each class, and that honor went to Rachel who couldn't wait to sit on that big pink dildo!


Updated September 3, 2007 Joyce and Aline were super excited about learning more about anal penetration. In fact, they both brought their own dildos into the first day of class. They said that they just bought it, but we know that these two sluts probably had these toys for ages. When the professor asked who wanted to go first, Joyce was the quickest to raise her hand. Nonetheless, Aline still had a great time helping the teacher fuck Joyce in the ass!


Updated August 27, 2007 Kinzie and her hot Nubian friend, Monet, are a couple of the worst trouble making students at Tushy School. Unfortunately for Professor Rosey, she had the charge of teaching them about proper anal insertion and techniques. Rosey could not get these girls to behave until a blue dildo was inserted into Kinzie's fine ass. After that, they were intent on learning more about getting ass fucked!


Updated August 20, 2007 Desani is a hot brunette with a nice rack. Her teacher Arianna, who's also hot, took notice of this and decided to ask Desani to come in for some "personal" tutoring. She was itching to teach her about anal penatration and since grades are of the utmost importance to Desani, she was more than happy to do anything that would boost her gpa. Even if that includes having her hot teacher fucking her in the ass with a vibrating pink dildo!


Updated August 13, 2007 Haley Paige originally signed up for Tushy School classes because of the very cute teacher Mr. Johnson who taught the class. She brought her friend Carly Parker along for extra motivation. She wasn't into anal penetration, she was just there to give her friend some support. But as she and the teacher started fucking Haley in the ass with the dildo, she couldn't help but get curious. By the end of the session she wished that it had been her who was bent over the table, so now she's back for her turn!


Updated August 6, 2007 Tonia was a former student at Tushy School who loved her classes and especially her teachers. She felt that her sex life was enriched so much from the knowledge that she gained that she became a teacher herself. So she opened her own "Tushy School" from the comforts of her own home and her popularity quickly spread. So much so that these two hot European chicks flew across the ocean to learn how anal sex is done in America!


Updated July 30, 2007 Professor Bravo is quickly becoming a student body favorite, and he also has his own list of favorite student bodies as well. Among the names you will find Kassandra and Trinity. And lucky for him, these two hot sluts are back for their follow up lesson. Only this time, Trinity is the one who is going to learn how to take it in the ass. Kassandra is also looking forward to finger fucking her friend and licking her ass as well. Professor Bravo loves his job!


Updated July 23, 2007 Mr. Bravo has always been known to be a great hands on teacher. So when one of his hot student, Brooke Haven, approached him and asked if he'd give her some extra attention after school, he was more than happy to oblige. Usually, the teachers just instruct, but since no one else was around and since Brooke is such a hot slut, he couldn't help but get into the action himself!












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