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Site Last Updated Today: July 21, 2019
Updated December 24, 2007 Jackie and Sabrina were very excited to work with Ms. T, especially Sabrina. Sabrina's boyfriend has been nagging her to have anal sex but she didn't have any experience with anal intercourse, so she was looking forward to put her education to real life use after this day's class was over. So when Ms. T asked who wanted to go first, Sabrina jumped up to the front, stripped, and bent over for some anal penetration!


Updated December 24, 2007 Marissa and Debbie have recently transfered over from their old private school. Luckily, no one told them that they can wear what ever they want. Instead they came in dressed in their tight white button down shirts, plaid skirts, and knee high socks. However, by the end of the class, Debbie was in nothing but her birthday suit with a nice dildo in her ass!


Bonus Update
Bonus Update December 17, 2007
Sandra has been laying around all day flirting with a guy on her phone when she was supposed to be doing housework for her girlfriend Layla. When Layla got home she was pissed off and decided to teach Sandra a lesson. She spanked her a little bit then tore off her clothes and grabbed her strapon dildo. She face-fucked her a little bit then shoved it deep into her ass!


Updated December 10, 2007 In order to earn more points, Tiffany was given a chance to assist Professor Fucherass with Tonya, a gorgeous blond. Tonya undressed herself like a hot stripper and bent over the table. The professor and Tiffany then went to work on her ass and vagina. The Professor would penetrate Tonya with a dildo while Tiffany supplied the lubrication by licking her asshole as it slid in and out!


Updated December 3, 2007 Tiffany used to be a great student, but lately she has been letting her grades slide, especially in Professor Bravo's class. The teacher had her come in to let her know that she wouldn't be passing the class. Tiffany freaked out at the idea of not being able to move up to Anal Insertions 201, and asked if there was ANY way to gain enough extra points to pass the class. They were able to work something out...


Updated November 26, 2007 Fanny, an adorable sweet looking babe, is going to have an asshole penetrated by Mabel, a sultry redhead. Fanny was nervous at first, but after Mabel got her relaxed by fingering her pussy, the hot red dildo easily penetrated deep into her ass. The professor was there every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly!


Updated November 19, 2007 Tiffany and Tonya were super excited about their first day of class at Tushy School Academy. They assumed that they would only be taking notes that day, but they were in for a big pink dildo suprise! Tiffany was escorted to the front of the room and took it in the ass like a champ as Professor Fucherass and Tonya gave it to her with their fingers and the play toy!


Updated November 12, 2007 Smoking hot Ashley Fine heads up todays lessons as she schools two young and fine students on anal penetration. Ashley's always prided herself on being super hands on with her students, and todays no exception. There is a twist however, as today her students will be placing their hands and fingers into her!


Updated November 5, 2007 Ms. T Ms. T is in for a real treat today in her class. Kennedy Winters is a super hot red head and her classmate is cutie pie Emma Cummings. Ms. T instructs Kennedy to strip and bend over exposing a perfect looking asshole. Emma watches and takes notes as Ms. T fucks Kennedy in the ass gently with a slippery dildo!


Updated October 29, 2007 Tyla Win and Victoria Sweet are two hot trouble makers that found themselves together in detention. They were bored and all alone, so they decided to fuck around with each other. They started with some innocent kissing, but next thing you know, they are both naked and Tyla is spread eagle on the desk while Victoria licks up and down from her crack to her asshole!


Updated October 22, 2007 Last week, as Ruby watched on as Jenny was anally pleasured and penetrated by her and the teacher, she was secretly wishing that it was her bent over the table being fucked in the ass. Lucky for her, she gets her wish this week. Ruby got so wet with excitement while she was undressing that Ms. T and Jenny didn't need to apply any lube to the dildo before sticking it into her ass. They simply got the toy nice and slippery by sticking in her drenched pussy first!


Updated October 15, 2007 Ruby and Jenny are two hot sluts who want to learn about anal penetration. One is blond, and the other is brunette, and Ms. T is somewhat of a red head - so we eye candy to suit everyone's taste. Watch Professor Ms. T instruct Jenny on the best positions for spreading her legs and ass cheeks open so that her and Jenny can fuck her in the ass with a nice hard dildo!












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