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Site Last Updated Today: July 21, 2019
Updated March 17, 2008 Today is the first day of class for Sasha and Ebony. Ebony is a brown nose so when the teacher asks for a volunteer to receive and anal insertion and Ebony is the first to volunteer. The teacher instructs Sasha to strips her down, and then has her slowly give her a very deep Tushy insertion!


Updated March 10, 2008 Classes at Tushy Academy are usually very small and intimate. However, because of an extremely fast growing student body, they had to open some classes up to more students. It's no wonder Dania was a little nervous when she started stripping in front of a room full of other girls. But things were all good after the first finger was inserted into her asshole!
Bonus Update
Bonus Update March 10, 2008 Allison and her roomate were going out to a club. They were getting ready to go and Allison used the last of her roomate's makeup but hoped that she wouldn't notice. Of course she noticed and was really fucking pissed off about it! She stormed into the living room, pulled Allison's hair and pushed her onto the ground. She figured the best way to make her learn would be a good ass-fucking, so she pulled out her strapon-dildo and fucked her firm ass right there on the couch!


Updated March 3, 2008 Last time, Lisa and Shawna were looking to open their sexual horizons, and when I say horizons, I mean assholes. Lisa learned to fuck Shawna in the ass with a dildo and their sex life was back on track. Now, they're back so that Lisa can learn to take big ones in the asshole too!


Updated February 25, 2008 Nicole signed up to Tushy School to learn the proper way to take a deep insertion from Ms. T. She has an extremely nice firm ass, and wants to learn how to please her boyfriend with it. She is matched up with one of her sexy classmates Tawny, who has the hugest tits, and gets the vibrator deep into her ass!


Updated February 18, 2008 Ms. Aline had Eva come up to the front of the class so Briana could be tested on her anal penetration skills. Briana proved to be a great student and passed the test with flying colors. With little help from Aline, Briana masterfully stripped off Eva's clothes and skillfully plunged her fingers and a glass dildo deep into her ass!


Updated February 11, 2008 Ms. Melissa got to work with Tina and Courtney again today. It was Courtney's turn to have fingers and a dildo in her ass. She was very excited since Tina looked like she enjoyed it so much last time. She went up to the class and revealed a banging body after she stripped all her clothes off. She then bent over on the desk so that Tina and Ms. Melissa would have the best access to her anus!


Updated February 4, 2008 Lisa and Shawna were looking to open their sexual horizons, and when I say horizons, I mean assholes. Their sex life had gotten stale and anal intercourse was just the thing to put it back in gear, but first they had to learn how to do it properly. Thank goodness for Tushy School!


Updated January 28, 2008 Jessie had a huge crush on Mr. Cox so she decided to ask him for some individual tutoring. She came in by herself after school and asked him if he would do the honors of being the first guy to penetrate her in her ass. Mr. Cox, being a good teacher, could not refuse. He spread her sweet ass, lubed up her asshole by spitting and licking it, and proceeded to plunge a vibrator in and out of her ass!


Updated January 21, 2008 Jacky and Sabrina decided to go to an extra credit session of Anal Insertions 101. This was not necessary, since they both had A averages, but they just couldn't get enough of getting fucked in the ass with play toys by the teacher. This time Jacky would beat Sabrina to the front of the class and claiming the privileged. Ms. T bent her over the desk and gave her just what she wanted!
Bonus Update
Bonus Update January 21, 2008 It was Sandra's birthday and her best friend came over to give her a present. She bought her a brand new vibrator! Sandra was anxious to give it a try. Since they did not have any lube, her friend was quick to give Sandra's asshole a nice erotic licking then helped fuck her ass deep with the vibrator!


Updated January 14, 2008 After her graduation, Aline, went on to make a successful career in the adult video industry. Her most popular hits, thanks to Tushy School, were always ones that involved anal penetration. Now she's back at Tushy School as a teacher. She didn't want all her experience go to waste. In her first class back, she gets to fuck an adorable blond in the ass with a shinny glass dildo!


Updated January 7, 2008 Ms. Melissa had two very excited students, Tina and Courtney, in her class today. They both had boyfriends that wanted to have anal sex with them but they've never done it before. They were also afraid that they may be injured in the process. So instead of going into anal sex unprepared, they thought it'd be best to take a class on anal insertion and have their sphincters stretched with a vibrator. Unfortunately, time restrictions would only allow one girl to get it in the ass today. Knowing this, Tina ran up to the class and volunteered her asshole up for experimentation as soon as the bell rang!


Updated January 1, 2008 Marissa was waiting anxiously in the back of the room for her turn to get fucked in the ass with a dildo, and I was waiting anxiously to see it. Marissa is so fucking hot. She has a sultry face, toned body, and beautiful tits and ass. When she was called up to the front of the room, she bent over to reveal a perfect asshole. As she was penetrated by the teacher and classmate she squealed and moaned like a rock star!












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