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Site Last Updated Today: July 21, 2019
Updated June 13, 2008 Tonya and her classmate Joyce was very excited for today's class. All semester long they have been learning about the theory of anal insertions. Today they get to put the theories to real life application. While Tonya undressed, the teacher prepped the toys and Joyce for the anal penetration to come!


Updated June 6, 2008 Sara was really anxious for her first day of TushySchool but she did great! She volunteered to go to the front of the class and took her first deep anal insertion with the help of her classmate and teacher!


Updated May 30, 2008 Jennifer signed up for TushySchool to learn how to have anal sex because her boyfriend really wanted to try it. She was very nervous and worried about it hearting so she volunteered in class to have her teacher and classmate give her a hands on demonstration!


Updated May 23, 2008 Amber and Jeanie are two sexy babes who want to learn about anal penetration. One is blond, and the other is brunette, and Ms. Swanson is somewhat of a red head - so we eye candy to suit everyone's taste. Watch as Ms. Swanson shows enters Amber's fine ass while Jeanie looks on and learns!


Updated May 16, 2008 It was Lexi's turn to take the huge dildo in her ass. She just witnessed her classmate Minka take it like a champ, but she was still very nervous. The teacher caught onto this and reassured her that everything was going to be alright. After the teacher and Minka helped loosen her up by playing with her vagina, they entered her ass with an extra lubed up dildo!


Updated May 9, 2008 After Kittie got done taking it in the ass like a champ, it was Alysa's turn to show the teacher what she's made of. After getting naked and showing off a great pair of tits and a sweet ass, Kittie and the teacher was able to take turns inserting their fingers and dildos into her ass. The teacher was very impressed by her ability to swallow objects into her ass so well!
Bonus Update May 9, 2008 Ms. Law went upstairs so she could tell Sarah that it was time for dinner. When she got closer she realized that she was on the phone speaking with to her friend, nonchalantly dropping curse words in every sentence, while smoking a cigarette! What made it worse the fact that Ms. Law was on the no smoking committee. Well Ms. Law was furious at her dirty mouth so she decided to clean it out, literally. She started belting Sarah and when she yelled out curses in pain, Ms. Law jammed a bar of soap into her mouth and continued beating her till her ass was nearly bleeding!


Updated May 2, 2008 Minka and Lexi were very excited about their first day of class at Tushy School Academy. They were prepared to take notes but they had no idea they were going to be actively participating so quickly. Minka was escorted to the front of the room and took it in the ass like a champ as Lexi gave it to her with their fingers and the vibrator!


Updated April 25, 2008 Alysa, is a hot little blonde with perky tits, who was having problems figuring out how to do proper anal insertions. The busty Ms. T decided to give her a hands on lesson by having her practice on one of the other students. Ms. T placed the other student over the desk and lifted up her skirt. She then instructed Alysa to removed her panties and spit onto her asshole. She then proceeded to anally insert a thick vibrator.!


Updated April 18, 2008 Angela and Rebecca are two hot sluts who wanted to learn how to penetrate their assholes with their sex toys. When the professor asks, "Who would like to go first," Rebecca shot up out of her seat before Angela had time to react. Although she was disappointed that she'd have to wait till after Rebecca was done with her turn, she was still very excited to help stick a vibrating dildo into Rebecca's ass and vagina!


Updated April 11, 2008 Angela volunteered to be the live demonstration for her classmates on how to properly fuck an ass with a huge dildo. Ms. T has her come to the front of the class where she strips down to her birthday suit. Her classmate Rebecca gets her tushy lubed up, then penetrates her with the large fuck toy!


Updated March 31, 2008 Ebony is a teachers pet, so she was a great help to her as she watched her professor show Sasha the finer points of taking a dildo in the ass. Sasha loved it more and more, as every new anal bead entered her asshole!


Updated March 24, 2008 Ms T. tells Tawny to watch closely as she demonstrates the finer points of anal insertion on Nicole. Ms. T. undresses Nicole and reveals two huge titties that go well with her hot body. She bends Nicole over, spreads her ass cheeks and introduces her intimately with a large glass dildo!












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