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Jamie and Kelli were are classmates together. They had to do a project together and Kelli forgot to do her work. Jamie was extremely pissed how Kelli was so irresponsible. Jamie decided it was time to teach her a lesson. She pulled out a strapon dildo and instructed Kelli to suck on it like it was a cock. She then had Kelli bend over the desk and pulled down her panties. She spread her ass, and stuck the dildo deep into her!


Rena is the best in her class. As a reward, the professor gave her the opportunity to play teacher to her hot fellow student, Devon. So as the teacher supervised, Roma educated Devon on the proper techniques of anal insertion, at the same time plunging her fingers and a dildo deep into Devon's fine asshole!


Fran, an adorable sweet looking babe, is going to have an asshole penetrated by Denise, a sultry redhead. Fran was nervous at first, but after Mabel got her relaxed by fingering her pussy, the hot red dildo easily penetrated deep into her ass. The teacher was there every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly!


Updated November 24, 2008 It was Alyssa's turn to take the huge dildo in her ass. She just witnessed her classmate Heather take it like a champ, but she was still very nervous. The teacher caught onto this and reassured her that everything was going to be alright. After the teacher and Heather helped loosen her up by playing with her pussy, they entered her ass with an extra lubed up dildo!

Bonus Update
Updated November 28, 2008 Krissy got in trouble during class, so her teacher made her come after class for detention. While in detention, she cursed at her and called her a slut! The teacher got so pissed off, she pulled out a paddle and proceeded to give Krissy a brutal paddling until her ass was completely black and blue!


Updated November 21, 2008 Mandy and Sabrina have never had anal sex before so they decided to sign up for TushySchool to learn how. They were a little apprehensive at first, but their teacher helped put them at ease. Her teacher taught the girls that the best way to learn how to have anal sex was a hands on approach. Mandy volunteered and with the help of the teacher and classmate Sabrina, she was stripped off of her clothes then bent over the teachers desk. The teacher then showed Sabrina how to properly lube up her ass before sticking a finger in to stretch it out, then how to gradually work up to thicker toys! By the end of the lesson both girls were anal pros!


Updated November 7, 2008 Hannah and Erica were very excited to work with the teacher, especially Sabrina. Erica's boyfriend has been nagging her to have anal sex but she didn't have any experience with anal intercourse, so she was looking forward to put her education to real life use after this day's class was over. So when the teacher asked who wanted to go first, Erica jumped up to the front, stripped, and bent over for some anal penetration!


Updated October 31, 2008 The teacher had two superhot students, Rebecca and Dana, in her classroom. They were both afraid that they dont know everything about anal. so they thought it'd be best to take a class on anal insertion. The teacher called for a volunteer, and instantly Rebecca ran up to the class and volunteered her asshole up for experimentation!


Updated October 24, 2008 Tina and Nancy are two hot sluts who wanted to learn how to fuck their assholes with their sex toys. When the professor asks, "Who would like to go first," Tina shot up her hand before Nancy had time to act. Although she was disappointed that she'd have to wait till after Tina was done with her turn, she was still very excited to help stick a big black dildo into Tina's ass and vagina!


Updated October 17, 2008 On the 3rd day of TushySchool, the teacher asked if there were any students who wanted to take their first anal insertion. Gina was very anxious to give it a try and volunteered. The teacher had her come to the front of the class and with the help of her classmates gave her a very deep anal insertion!


Updated October 10, 2008 Trini signed up for Ms. Smith's Tushy School class along with her two friends. The teacher wanted to demonstrate the proper anal insertion technique so Trini was quick to volunteer. Watch as she gets her first deep anal insertion in front of her two fellow classmates!


Updated October 3, 2008 Mrs. Brooks was giving a private anal school lessons over at the Tushy School. Rachel was anxious to signup and give it a try. She volunteered and went up to the front of the class. Her classmate and teacher then followed the proper procedure by stripping her down, bending her over the desk, lubing up her asshole and giving her a deep anal insertion!


Update September 26, 2008 It was the first day of TushySchool and Paula was very excited to show off to the teacher what she had been practiciting all summer. So when the teacher asked for an assistant, Paula was very anxious to help out. She stripped off her clothing, bent over the desk and to her teacher's surprise slowly and steadily took a deep insertion into her ass.

Bonus Update September 26, 2008 Karli borrowed her best friend Sasha's sweater without permission and stretched it out. Sasha got the sweater for a gift and was so pissed off Karli would disrespect her like that. She pulled out a strapon and decided to teach her a lesson while her friend Keila watched. Keila simply couldn't keep away and had to join into the threesome! Watch as Keilaand Sasha stretches out her friend's asshole with a thick strapon dildo!












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