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Today is the first day of class for Lina and Kira, and Lina is trying hard to make a great impression. The teacher asks for a volunteer to receieve and anal insertion and Lina is excited to help. The teacher then strips Lina down, and makes Kira slowly give her a very deep Tushy insertion!


Ms. Devaun asked if any of her students would volunteer for a tushy insertion. Destiny was very anxious to show off everything she learned in Tushy School. Watch as her student and teacher strip off her clothing and give her a very deep anal insertion!


Anna and Stacey had class with Ms. Lynn for private anal school lessons. Ms. Tina was going to teach the girls how to do a proper insertion by demonstrating on her. She tells Anna to remove her skirt ,and makes Stacey insert a dildo deep into her ass!


It was Katrina's first day of class and she started off getting volunteering to help out her teacher and classmates. Little did she know she was about to become the actual volunteer for the insertions! Her teacher helped remove Katrina's clothing and proceeded to giver he a very deep insertion in front of the class!


Megan volunteered to be the hands on demonstration for her classmates on how to do a proper tushy insertion. She was called to the front of the class where a teacher and fellow classmate stripped off her clothing. Next they lubed up her asshole and slowly inserted a vibrator deep into her ass!


Cris had her last day of Tushy School and had to take the final exam. Little did she know it was going to be a hands on demonstration. Lucky for her she has been practicing with her roommate and they were matched up for the exam. Watch as Cris gives her classmate the proper anal insertion


Stephanie was chosen to by her teacher to come to the front of class and have the other student demonstrate how to do an anal insertion on her. Stephanie is a beautiful tall blonde busty model who wants to learn how to take a dildo deep in her tight ass. Luckily for her she is in the right class!


Vicky needed some extra credit in her class so she volunteered to help out her teacher. Little did she know she was about to get her first lesson on anal insertions! The teacher called her to the front of the class and had a classmate help strip her down. After getting her tushy nice and lubed up she received a very deep anal insertion!


After teaching her two students for the semester, Ms. Lopez decided to give her students their first hands on test. Ms. Lopez called both of her students to the front of the class and tells them they must demonstrate their anal insertion skills . Watch these sexy students give their hands on anal insertions on each other!


Ms. Burch was giving a private anal school lessons at Tushy School. Rachel was anxious to signup and give it a try. She volunteered and went up to the front of the class. Her classmate and teacher then followed the proper procedure by stripping her down, bending her over the desk, lubing up her asshole and giving her a deep anal insertion


Dawn and Alexis both signed up for TushySchool so they can learn the proper anal sex etiquette. It was the first day of class and the teacher asked for a volunteer. Alexis was quick to offer her assistance. Watch as Dawn and the teacher give Alexis a deep anal insertion right on desk!


Nikki signed up for TushySchool so she could learn the proper techniques for an anal insertion. She volunteered to be a hands on demonstration for the class. After having her clothing removed the teacher lubed up her ass and inserted the vibrator deep into her tushy












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