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Lashanda signs up to Tushy School to learn the proper way to take a deep insertion. She has an extremely nice firm ass, and wants to learn how to please her boyfriend with it. She is matched up with one of her sexy classmates and gets the vibrator deep into her ass!


It was Angela's first day of class and she started off getting volunteering to help out her teacher and classmates. Little did she know she was about to become the actual volunteer for the insertions! Her teacher helped remove Angela's clothing and proceeded to giver he a very deep insertion in front of the class!


Stacey volunteered to help her teacher show the class how a proper tushy insertion is performed. The teacher helps to remove her clothing and have her bend over the desk. The teacher then shows Stacey's classmate how to perform the insertion. After getting her tushy lubed up, she gets a pink vibrator deep into her ass!


Adrian's a young brunette slut that's already experienced anal and now she wants to explore it even further. Her hot friend Shelly is there to watch and lend hand (literally) and help the teacher plunge a hot pink dildo deep into her ass!


It was Anika's final examination and her teacher called her classmate Vallery up to the front of the class to help out with the exam. The teacher instructed Vallery to bend Anika over the desk, lube up her asshole and insert the dildo into her tight ass!


Debra was chosen to by her teacher to come to the front of class and have the other student demonstrate how to do an anal insertion on her. Debra is a beautiful tall blonde model who wants to learn how to take a dildo deep in her tight ass. Luckily for her she is in the right class!


Marilyn volunteered to help out her teacher for extra credit. Little did she know she was about to become the class's hands on demonstration. The teacher stripped off Michelle's clothing then with help from a classmate gave her a very deep anal insertion!


One of the important aspects of anal insertions is the sexy removal of clothing prior to the insertions. Kim her friend Liz were guided by their teacher on how to seductively remove the clothing followed by the proper lubrication techniques and anus insertions.


It was the final exam day and the teacher asked if any students wanted to be the volunteer for the test. Renee volunteered and was brought up to the front of the class where she had her panties removed and a tonue shoved up her tight asshole!


Today is the first day of class for Cindy and Danni, and Cindy is trying hard to make a great impression. The teacher asks for a volunteer to receieve and anal insertion and Cindy is excited to help. The teacher then strips Cindy down, and slowly givers her a very deep Tushy insertion!


Roselyn volunteered to be the live demonstration to her classmates on how to spread ass cheeks. Her teacher has her come to the front of the class where she is stripped down. The teacher then calls another student to the front of the class. Roselyn gets her ass cheeks parted like the red sea!


Lois took a summer class at Tushy School to learn how to better please her man anally. She learned a lot from the class so the teacher decided to use her for the class demonstration. Watch as Lois gets a purple vibrator deep into her tight ass in front of the entire class!












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