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Bonus Update From Mr. Johnson was the teacher at an all girls school. He was known for flirting with his students so a couple of girls decided they were going to teach him a lesson he would never forget and get themselves an "A" for the semester. One of the girls started flirting with the hunky teacher then as he was putting his moves on to her, the other 2 girls came in. They told him if he didn't follow their instructions they were going to put in a complaint to the school administration. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed to their every humiliating demand!


After work Rebecca stopped by her best friends house for a little relaxation before class. Their big exam is coming up for TushySchool so the girls decided to get in a little practice before the test. Wath as Sara gives Rebecca a very nice deep erotic anal insertion with a thick dildo!


Janelle, Brianna, Kelly Anne and the rest of the gang were hanging out after class together. The girls were very bored and luckily very horny! After skinny dipping for a while, the girls started kissing and next thing you know they are bent over licking each other's assholes!


The teacher had to watch Jessie for the fifth time in detention this month and she was sure it wouldn't be the last. Jessie was acting like a real bitch and the teacher was fed up. She decided it was time someone taught her a lesson! She pulled out a strapon and asked Jessie onto her knees. She then asked the strapon dildo into her mouth. After sucking on it for a few minutes, she bent Jessie over and fucked her deep in her ass with it!


Trish was dating both Becky and John girls at the same time behind their backs. One of them got wind of it and contacted the other. When Trish arrived home and saw the two of them standing there she knew she was in deep trouble. The two felt like they both got fucked by Trish so now they get to both fuck her at the same time!


Felicity was having a hard time in her class with her new student, Britney. She decided that Britney wasn't paying enough attention to her and that she needed to learn the rules of the classroom, so she called her in to stay after school. Felicity then proceeded to ask Britney to strip off her clothing and asked her over her knee where she spanked her ass as hard as she could, reminding her who was in charge!


After best of friends Kayla and Virginia came back from a hot day on the beach, they were itching for something exciting to do. Kayla had some racy thoughts in her mind. While she was massaging sunscreen into Virginia earlier, she got so wet and horny. So Kayla asked Virginia if she'd mind a super ass licking and she answered by bending over and spreading her cheeks!


Before class began, Gina and Michelle were hanging out in the classroom going through the teachers desk. They were shocked when they found a few adult magazines as well as a dildo! Gina was so turned on, and told Michelle she wanted to get some "extra practice" before the teacher got to class. Watch as the girls strip off their clothing and Gina gets a deep ass licking and insertion!


After class, Susan and Michelle went back to their apartment to practice for their next day's big exam at Tushy School. The next day of class was going to be the big test, so they wanted to make sure they had all the techniques ready. Susan took out their vibrator, and stripped off Michelle's clothing. She then bent her over the couch, gave her asshole a nice deep tongue licking followed by a very thick strapon insertion!


The teachers Mr. Winthrop and Mr. Timbers had to watch Cynthia and Jackie for the fifth time this month and they were both sure it wouldn't be their last. They realized that these two cuties did not view detention as a punishment but simply another place for them to fool around. They both decided that a more hands on approach would do more good for teaching them strict discipline. Mr. Winthrop grabbed Cynthia by the hair and threw her across the table. Mr. Timbers then tore off her panties and spanked her ass till she broke down from the pain!


Becky and Kevin were both employed at the same office and had been working together for about a year, but had never met outside of the office. Kevin was very horny one afternoon, and asked Becky if she would be interested in coming back to his apartment. Becky, being very horny, figured Kevin's plan and made a move on him right there in the office! Kevin, not hesitating, pulled down his pants and insterted his giant, throbbing cock into Becky's wet pussy!


Officer Ellen was locking up the hotel when she noticed the last door was left ajar. Upon further inspection she noticed there was somebody inside. She found Maryanne sitting at her desk innocently but realized she had been trespassing. Instead of arresting her on the spot Officer Ellen decided to have a little fun with her. Officer Ellen started stripping down Maryanne and even took off her own clothes. She finally took our her strap-on dildo and shoved it deep into Maryanne's ass to let her know never to trespass again!












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